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Grid-Interop™ 2007

ProceedingsPost Event Information

The first ever Grid-Interop in Albuquerque was a huge success. Please download event Proceedings (including all papers) here (7.5MB PDF).

You may view presentations by visiting the Agenda pages of this web site then click on relevant session.

Plan for Grid-Interop 2008!

The second Grid-Interop will be held in 2008.


Venue: Atlanta, Georgia

Dates: November 11-13, 2008

Go to the 2008 Web site Here

Introducing Grid-Interop

  • System-To-System Interoperability
  • Business Process Interoperation
  • Preparing For A Sustainable Electricity System
  • Developing Policies For Integrated Smart Energy
  • Holistic View; Generation To Consumption

This meeting will inform and engage public and private 80+ Speakerselectric systems stakeholders in the integration issues associated with the complex, distributed automation systems involved in creating a more efficient, reliable, and resilient electric system.

A forum designed for…

Decision makers in the future integrated electricity

  • Grid-Interop Image Device & system architects
  • Business systems designers
  • Electricity consumer groups
  • Utility and T&D planners
  • Integrators, application & service providers

Cross section of electricity stakeholder industries

  • Commercial building systems
  • Home, residential & consumer goods
  • Industrial, process & manufacturing
  • IT, data centers & business systems
  • Transportation sectors
  • Trade, technology & standards groups


The GridWIse Architecture Council

ZigBee AllianceGrid-Interop is being organized in partnership with the GridWise Architecture Council.



GridWise Architecture Council



Constellation NewEnergy



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Organized By:

Clasma Events