Attendee Profile

Grid-Interop intends to attract a very high level of attendee, the target audience has been defined as:

  • Utility companies
  • Technology & service providers
  • Smart grid initiatives
  • Federal & state regulators & law makers
  • Electricity consumer groups
  • Press, analysts & other observers

High level Attendees

Grid-Interop will attract Director, Managers, VP and higher levels of attendees; individuals with significant influence over the future design of systems, devices and architectures for tomorrow's smart electric grid.

Driving Smart Grid

Being organized by the GridWise Architecture Council, and with the support from all of the trade and technology groups involved in the evolution of the future smart grid, Grid-Interop attendees will be those who will be driving the agenda forward in this exciting area.

Decision Makers

Attendees will be make up predominantly by decision makers from technology, business and policy perspectives.

Policy Makers

In recognition that policy and interoperability work hand-in-hang, Grid-Interop will focus a significant portion of the agenda on how policy needs to be developed to allow and encourage interoperability of electricity systems.