SGIP Glossary of Terms and Acronyms


Session AcronymDescription
B2G DEWGBuilding-to-Grid Domain Expert Working Group
BnP DEWGBusiness and Policy Domain Expert Working Group
BOPWGBylaws and Operating Practices Working Group
CMEWGCommunication, Marketing and Education Working Group
CSWGCyber Security Working Group
DEWGDomain Expert Working Group
DRGS DEWGDistributed Renewables, Generation, and Storage Domain Expert Working Group
EMIIWGElectromagnetic Interoperability Issues Working Group
EV Fast ChargeElectric Vehicle Fast Charge
GBITFGoverning Board International Task Force
GWACGrid Wise Architecture Council
H2G DEWGHome-to-Grid Domain Expert Working Group
I2G DEWGIndustry-to-Grid Domain Expert Working Group
IPRWGIntellectual Property Rights Working Group
PAP02Priority Action Plan: Wireless Communications for the Smart Grid
PAP03Priority Action Plan: Common Price Communication Model
PAP06Priority Action Plan: Common Semantic Model for Meter Data Tables 
PAP07Priority Action Plan: Electric Storage Interconnection Guidelines 
PAP08Priority Action Plan: CIM for Distribution Grid Management
PAP09Priority Action Plan: Standard DR and DER Signals 
PAP12Priority Action Plan: Mapping IEEE 1815 (DNP3) to IEC 61850 Objects
PAP13Priority Action Plan: Harmonization of IEEE C37.118 with IEC 61850 and Precision Time Synchronization 
PAP14Priority Action Plan: Transmission and Distribution Power Systems Model Mapping
PAP15Priority Action Plan: Harmonize Power Line Carrier Standards for Appliance Communications in the Home
PAP16Priority Action Plan: Wind Plant Communications
PAP17Priority Action Plan: Facility Smart Grid Information Standard
PAP18Priority Action Plan: SEP 1.x to SEP 2 Transition and Coexistence
SGACSmart Grid Architecture Committee 
SGIPSmart Grid Interoperability Panel
SGTCCSmart Grid Testing and Certification Committee
TnD DEWGTransmission and Distribution Domain Expert Working Group
V2G DEWGVehicle-to-Grid Domain Expert Working Group
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