SVP, Utility Sales & Chief Technology Officer
Abstract of presentation

Automated Empowerment

The home energy management market has not been short of promise, with many companies claiming consumers would cut their bills by 5 percent to 15 percent if they had access to timely, accurate data from cleverly designed devices.

Yet turning this promise into reality has been difficult. As a result, industry commentators are now questioning whether or not the initial figures might have been too ambitious and whether consumers really want to invest time regularly to control their energy usage. Underlining the point, a recent Accenture study found that consumers spend, on average, a mere six minutes each year reviewing their utility bill. This low level of desire/engagement has seen the focus start to change as utilities look to distributed automation as a more effective way to enhance grid reliability, security and efficiency.

This session will review lessons learned from efforts to engage consumers in energy management programs and share best practices gleaned from introducing energy management technology in the home. In doing so, they will evaluate how much time we can really expect consumers to invest in controlling their energy usage and the role for automated solutions. Attendees will gain insights into consumer behavior and the role of automated energy management solutions within smart grid programs.

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