Efrain Gonzalez - Speaker
Cyber Security Architect
Abstract of presentation

Smart Grid Cyber Security in the Trenches

Smart Grid cyber security is easier said than done. Everyone agrees that in order to be effective, security must be baked-in and not bolted-on after the fact. Implementing a Smart Grid that is secure by design sounds like an easy enough proposition, but how exactly is it that you are supposed to that? While there is no shortage of guidance from NERC, NIST, DHS and others on what to do, there seems to be little guidance on how to do it. And, just like those really hard problem sets at school, at times it feels like the implementation of Smart Grid cyber security is an exercise best left to the student.

Southern California Edison is in the process of deploying two Smart Grid demonstration projects. As lead Smart Grid Cyber Security Architect on these projects, I am responsible for establishing our Smart Grid cyber security strategy. Aside from following existing guidelines, chief among our cyber security strategy is a systems engineering approach coupled with technology transfer out of the defense industry.

This session is intended to provide attendees with a firsthand account of lessons learned from our Smart Grid cyber security implementation experience.

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