Abstract of presentation

We contrast what we call MicroMarkets with today's wholesale energy markets (MacroMarkets), and show how markets can be structured by binding MicroMarkets to MicroGrids while allowing coherent product definitions where those MicroMarkets participate in MacroMarkets.

In Structured Energy: A Topology of Microgrids [Grid-Interop 2010] we showed how to combine MicroGrids using markets. Taking this concept further, we describe how to bind simple markets to sets of one to many MicroGrids.

MicroMarkets share several requirements with MacroMarkets. These include
•Market clearing
•Converging and straightforward algorithms
•Clear rules

In contrast, MacroMarkets tend to need

Higher scalability
Higher reliability
Specialized security
Non-repudiation mechanisms

which leads to greater complexity.

In the OASIS Energy Interoperation architecture each edge in the directed graph composes appropriate security, reliability, and performance (through direct composition or designed in the implementation). By linking a market to nodes in the directed graph of actors, a market can be implemented for part of a building or factory, a facility, a neighborhood, or other levels.

By using MicroMarkets we take advantage of local balance of supply and demand, leading directly to improved balance at higher levels by transacting with those better managed markets.

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