Abstract of presentation

Feature, Overview and Achievement of IEEE1888 for Open B2G Implementation

IEEE1888, UGCCNet(Ubiquitous Green Community Control Network), has been approved in February of 2011. IEEE1888 is HTTP-based XML communication protocol among facilities, databases, and information systems for facility (and energy) information management. The features of design concept of IEEE1888 is (1) Federation with the existing access networks (BACnet, Lonworks, RS485, ZigBee, Z-wave, etc…), (2) Database-centric system model, and (3) Availability of asynchronous operation.
The GUTP (www.gutp.jp), which is an R&D consortium in Japan for smart building and smart campus, designed, implemented and operated the smart facility management and control system using IEEE1888 framework and technology, while the multi-vendor environment in Tokyo. It includes wide area operation for 5 campuses integration(31% peak cut and 20% total cut), and achieve 44% peak cut and 31% total cut of electricity consumption in R&D building.

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