Kerri Martinek - Face Time
Director of Marketing
Abstract of presentation

Open Smart Grid Reference Model as a Blueprint for Utilities and Vendors

The US federal SmartGrid Interoperability Program (SGIP) project, and cognate efforts in other jurisdictions, are identifying, defining and developing sets of data standards, data structures and business practices to enable greater information- and transaction-sharing functionality within electric power grids on a widely interoperable basis. It is likely that suites of alternatives and combinations will be specified and that practical implementers will need to make a number of design choices and interpretations in order to align their own product and service design with the newly standardized data environment.

The proposed session will share an Open Smart Grid Reference Model as a blueprint for utilities to address the challenges of interoperability as they execute Smart Grid initiatives, while vendors can leverage the reference model to develop open and interoperable products and solutions. OpenSGRM, which leverages much of the current work being conducted by SGIP and GWAC, will consider a common set of services and interactions in the electric power supply information chain, based on industry examples and available industry-wide open models, provide guidance to implementers in various information chain roles on how to quantify the technical complexity, identify the business need and thereafter identify, encapsulate and widely reuse commonly-recurring data services and functions.

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