Description of Regulators Workshop

The GWAC has developed several tools that regulators can use in assessing Smart Grid projects. This toolkit is not a conceptual construct, but rather it is a set of real tools that can be used to ensure that Smart Grid projects deliver the intended benefits without significant customization and additional time and cost to deploy. In this session, participants will work in cross-cutting functional teams to explore applications of the toolkit and processes to evaluate proposed Smart Grid implementations. Using case studies, the workshop participants will compare business-as-usual scenarios versus scenarios using the toolkit and discuss the perspectives of regulators, utilities, vendors, markets and consumers.

Participants in Regulators Workshop
Robert Burke - Moderator
Principal Analyst
ISO New England
Kenneth Wacks - Speaker
Home, Building & Utility Systems

Introduction to GWAC and The Available Tools

Ward Camp - Panelist
VP, Regulatory + Government Affairs

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