Description of Green Button Roundtable

Initiated by the U.S. Chief Technology Officer Aneesh Chopra at GridWeek 2011 in September, the Green Button challenge was presented to the Smart Grid industry to create the necessary standards and enabling framework for use by utilities who will, in turn, provide a consistent manner of presenting energy information usage to consumers.

Modeled after the hugely successful Blue Button initiative that makes medical records available to patients, when implemented widely the Green Button is set to change the dynamics of consumer awareness of their energy. The availability of energy usage data in standard format is also anticipated to unleash a wave of innovative applications and services that consumers will find invaluable when managing their energy consumption.

The Green Button Roundtable will discuss the status of this initiative with a cross section of players in the Smart Grid arena.

Participants in Green Button Roundtable
Anto Budiardjo - Moderator
President & CEO
Clasma Events Inc.
Nick Sinai - Speaker
Senior Advisor to the CTO, Innovation Entrepreneurship
Office of Science and Technology Policy
Erich Gunther - Speaker
Chief Technology Officer
Zahra Makoui - Speaker
Pacific Gas and Electric Company
Wayne Longcore - Speaker
Chief Energy Solutions Expert
Tariq Samad - Speaker
Corporate Fellow
Donny Helm - Speaker
Director - Technology, Strategy and Architecture
Oncor Electric Delivery
Cameron Brooks - Speaker
E9 Energy Insight

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See the video of the Green Button demo during this roundtable at Grid-Interop please post comments here
Anto Budiardjo and I demonstrated several impressive, working Green Button enabled applications and devices live during the session and nothing broke!
Nick Sinai " #Greenbutton empowers consumers" all utilities can leverage this not just investor owned utilities but co-ops as well
Wayne Longcore with SAP #greenbutton "this can spread internationally" .."apps dont have borders" #smartgrid
Honeywell demo of a real Green Button on a thermostat at #GridInterop giving consumers data from #smartgrid developments
39degF here in Phoenix, brrr. A good day to stay warm and talk about Green Button at Grid-Interop
Looking forward to this discussion on Green Button for #SmartGrid. Post comments here to start the discussion online
If you missed it, you can see Aneesh Chopra's call for a Green Button @GridWeek here
Looking forward to this session.

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