Description of PAP 16

Priority Action Plan 16: Wind Plant Communications

PAP 16 is dedicated to the revision of IEC Standard 61400-25 in order to make it appropriate for the wind power plants in the United States to use for reporting their operation to the ISOs and balancing authorities. Presently, each authority has its own reporting system and the mechanics are different for all. The PAP looked at those different systems and developed a list of the requirements that they created.

PAP 16 has delivered the requirements necessary for implementing the items needed by various ISOs in the US. The IEC has established a Maintenance Team for this standard and is developing a joint working group between TC88 and TC 57 to further the work. This meeting will hear from those involved in the IEC work and discover what else needs to be done to accelerate the process.

Participants in PAP 16
Bill Moncrief - Speaker
Principal Consultant
Al Hefner - Leader
Electronics Engineer, Smart Grid Team Member

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