Description of SGTCC Session 1

Smart Grid Testing and Certification Committee (SGTCC) Session 1:
The Smart Grid Testing & Certification Committee (SGTCC) will meet on Tuesday, December 6 and Wednesday, December 7, in Phoenix, AZ. The completion and SGTCC approval of IPRM V2 is the major priority at these meetings. Key activities planned over the two day meeting will include: review of the final IPRM Version 2 for approval by the committee; reports from each of the SGTCC working groups (End to End Testing, IPRM Implementation Processes, and IPRM V2 development group); a session led by the SGTCC End to End working group to review the testing templates it has developed and experience with trial usage of those templates; discussion of progress on 3rd party accreditation activities; 2012 SGTCC action plans and upcoming SGTCC elections.

This will be a general opening session of the SGTCC. Agenda topics will include reports from each of the SGTCC working groups (End to End testing, IPRM implementation processes, and the IPRM Version 2 development group). The session will also include high level discussion of the final approval process towards the release of IPRM V2, progress on 3rd party accreditation activities, and the upcoming 2012 SGTCC election and membership process.

Participants in SGTCC Session 1

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