Description of H2G DEWG

The Home-to-Grid Domain Expert Working Group (H2G DEWG) provides a strategic perspective for the SGIP and NIST on communications among service providers, electric utilities, local energy resources, and home devices to facilitate energy management. Our membership of more than 100 includes a balance of service providers, utilities, equipment suppliers, consumer product developers, and NIST engineers.

Discussions are planned on the following topics:
• Making the H2G-approved document "Modular Communication Interface Specification for Demand Response" an American National Standard.
• Adaptation of home appliances for load following and frequency regulation for short-term demand response to accommodate distributed energy resources.
• Adoption of the H2G DEWG "Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Issues for Home-to-Grid Devices" by the SGIP Electromagnetic Interoperability Issues Working Group. Discussion of additional EMC issues related to home devices.
• Publication of "Installation Guide for Smart Grid Applications" initiated by the H2G DEWG.
• Report on PAP 18 developing guidelines for the transition from the Smart Energy Profile (SEP) 1.x to SEP 2 for demand response communications between a service provider, a home gateway, and home devices.
• Comments on the NIST Roadmap release 2 standards.
• Progress report on reviewing H2G-related specifications for inclusion in the SGIP Catalog of Standards.
• New H2G DEWG projects.

Participants in H2G DEWG

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