About the Smart Grid Interoperability Panel

The SGIP was formed by NIST at Grid-Interop 2009 with the mission to facilitate the creation of interoperable Smart Grid standards. The SGIP stakeholder categories comprise the breadth of Smart Grid players, and the SGIP activities at Grid-Interop include plenaries, Priority Action Plan meetings, Domain Expertise Working Group meetings, candidate interviews and elections along with a number of other gatherings.

SGIP is a membership-based organization created by an Administrator under a contract from NIST to provide an open process for stakeholders to participate in providing input and cooperating with NIST in the ongoing coordination, acceleration and harmonization of standards development for the Smart Grid. The SGIP and its governing board are an open organization dedicated to balancing the needs of a variety of Smart Grid related organizations. Any organization may become a member of the SGIP.

Membership is by organization, with one vote per participating member. Divisions, subsidiaries, committees of organizations, etc. are part of their parent organizations, and are not considered organizations for SGIP purposes. Members will be required to declare an affiliation with an identified Stakeholder Category (twenty-two have thus far been identified by NIST). Participating Members must participate regularly in order to vote on the work products of the panel. The number of individual representatives who engage in SGIP technical activities is not limited.

Currently, the SGIP consists of more than 630 member organizations with almost 1,800 individual representatives engaged in SGIP activities.

See a complete list of SGIP meetings taking place at Grid-Interop 2011

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