William Cox
Biography of William Cox

Bill is a leader in commercial and open source software definition, specification, design, and development. His work combines business experience with his deep and practical understanding of software architecture and technologies including XML, Web services, Service-oriented architectures, Energy, eBusiness, Networking and system software to lead standards and project definition and execution.

Much of his work since 2009 has been in collaborative energy, including service-oriented interactions and transactive energy.

Bill is past Chair of the Organization for Structured Information Systems (OASIS) Technical Advisory Board, the leading XML and Web services standards organization in the world. He has completed major standards projects in OASIS, the Object Management Group, and IEEE.

He chairs the OASIS Energy Interoperation Technical Committee which is producing the interoperation standard for the smart grid and facilities (including OpenADR 2.0), and the OASIS Energy Market Information Exchange Technical Committee which has completed version 1.0 of information models for energy market communications (completing SGIP Priority Action Plan 3). He is a member of the OASIS WS-Calendar TC which has delivered the Common Calendar and Scheduling Model 1.0 for the Smart Grid (completing SGIP Priority Action Plan 4).

Bill is a member of the Smart Grid Architecture Committee, and participates in IEC and in ASHRAE SPC201P for facility information models for energy usage and load.

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