Mark Klerer
Senior Director - Technology
Biography of Mark Klerer

Mark Klerer is currently a Senior Director of Technology at Qualcomm where he shares in the responsibilities of the standardization of wireless technologies. He is also currently chair of IEEE 802.20 and a member of the 802 Executive Committee. Mark has work experience both in power systems engineering and in communications systems engineering. Mark has extensive experience in leading and managing standards activities. Mark has served on the Boards of several successful industry standards forums (the OIF, NMF and MSF) and he has chaired numerous standards committees in the ITU-T, ITU-R, ISO, ATIS, MESA and IEEE. Mark was involved in the development and negotiation of organizational charters as well as in the development of the actual specifications his skills in facilitating consensus in the presence of diverging interests have been an asset in keeping the groups productive. Mark is dedicated to bringing these skills to the SGIPB and to devoting his energies to the success of the SGIP.

Mark has a BS degree in Electrical Engineering from the City College of New York, a Masters degree in Systems Engineering for Stanford University and a Masters degree in Business Administration form Pace University.

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