Terry Oliver
Chief Technology Innovation Officer
Critiques by Terry Oliver
Great Event

The combination of panels and workshop discussions was particularly helpful in expanding understanding of transactive energy and the technical issues and current and future business opportunities it presents.

10 months ago
Biography of Terry Oliver

Terry Oliver has worked globally to advance energy conservation and renewable energy. He has worked for BPA since 1981.

In the Pacific Northwest he managed one of the world’s largest residential energy conservation programs, the PNW Residential Weatherization Program, lead ground-breaking research on community-based energy conservation applications in the Hood River Conservation Project, and established two enduring icons of energy efficiency innovation, the Lighting Design Lab and the Energy Ideas Clearinghouse.

In 1992 he moved to Bangkok, Thailand, to lead the Asia Regional Office of the International Institute for Energy Conservation (IIEC).

In 2000, Terry returned to BPA where he worked on BPA’s EnergyWeb concept and its application to the PNW. As part of this effort he helped create BPA’s Non-Wires Solutions initiative, participated in EPRI’s Intelligrid grid architecture initiative, and lead the GridWise Alliance Demonstrations Working Group.

In June 2005 Terry was appointed Bonneville Power Administration’s first Chief Technology Innovation Officer, responsible for re-energizing, focusing, and managing BPA’s research and development activities.

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