About Grid-Interop 2012

With the guiding principle of implementing interoperability through collaboration, Grid-Interop brings together a true cross-section of industry stakeholders to ensure rapid development and implementation of Smart Grid interoperability standards.
In 2012, our focus is driving to Grid 2020 -- and charting the path to interoperability for the next decade, even amidst industry uncertainty.

With GWAC having played a founding role in 2007, Grid-Interop’s purpose for the past six years has been to create dialogue among all of the key stakeholders shaping and driving the progress of standards development. In fact, three years ago, Grid-Interop 2009 was the inaugural meeting of the Smart Grid Interoperability Panel.

Key stakeholder groups that participate in Grid-Interop include:

  • Standards development organizations.
  • Utilities and businesses that use and implement these standards.
  • Regulators who oversee the implementation of standards-based technologies.
  • Product designers, system integrators, and consultants who put the standards to work in real-life applications.

If you fit within any of these stakeholder groups, Grid-Interop is a must-attend conference for 2012 -- which is a defining year for Smart Grid interoperability. Grid-Interop also provides a unique opportunity and forum to have your voice heard at this most critical time.