Architecture Track

The architecture track will focus on the need for formal and informal architectures to support interoperability in the smart grid. We are looking for papers that discuss smart grid architecture from multiple points of view. Foundation work includes the GWAC Interoperability framework and the associated “GWAC Stack.” Recently, the SGIP Architecture Committee (SGAC) has been charged with producing an architecture or a series of architectural templates for the smart grid. Discussions within the SGAC have identified a number of topics that need to be explored. Some areas of interest include:

  • Use of formal architecture methods:  Which formal architecture methods could be considered for use on smart grid architecture projects?
  • Usefulness of a single architectural model:  To what level (e.g. conceptual, logical, and physical) would a single smart grid architecture model be useful to the industry?
  • Future of CIM models:  What is the impact of the evolution of the IEC CIM model going to have on smart grid architecture going forward?  Should a Utility wait for standardized CIM compatible models or should they create their own models based on CIM?
  • Smart grid architecture lessons learned:  What lessons have been learned in developing smart grid architecture?
  • Useful deliverables from the SGAC:  What deliverables from the SGAC are useful to the community at large?
  • Architecture case studies:  Here is what we did in implementing a smart grid – this is our smart grid architecture.
  • Tools for defining interoperable interfaces:  What tools can be used to address architectural issues in defining interoperable interfaces within a system-of-systems?
  • Implementing loosely coupled systems:  Using architecture approaches such as SOA.
  • Defining interoperable architecture: Using enterprise architecture or similar approaches to design cross-domain architectures.


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