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Speaker Support Information

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  • Provide Profile, Bio & Picture By: ASAP
  • Confirm Participation By: September 28, 2012
  • CFP: Draft Paper Due By: October 12
  • CFP: Final Paper Due By: November 16
  • Upload Draft PowerPoint By: November 5, 2012
  • Finalize Your PowerPoint By: November 19, 2012

Uploading your paper:

  1. Click on the task in your Task List that relates to the session you are participating in (it will be labeled "Presentation: session name")
  2. Click on the Files button at the bottom of the Task description
  3. A Files window will appear in the upper right corner of your screen
  4. Click Add File
  5. Click the Browse button to navigate to your paper
  6. Fill in the descriptive fields under File Details
  7. Click Begin Upload
You can upload your final paper in the same manner. If you are updating to a new version of your paper, please replace the existing file. Also note the Upload Slides button in Step 2. Use this button to upload your draft and final presentation. Both your paper and your presentation require the use of the Templates referenced on this page.


Most sessions are four to five person moderated panels, with each panelist provided with 8 minutes presentation time, followed by collective Q/A and discussion


  • PowerPoint files uploaded will be converted to PDF and made available on the event web site after the event is over.
  • Speakers can optionally exclude their presentation to be made available in this manner.
  • Speakers can also upload additional material (white papers, web links, images, links to video).


The following will be provided at the event:

  • Windows computer with connection to the Internet
  • Projector for presentations
  • Wireless clicker
  • Audio amplification provided as necessary
  • Your PowerPoint file will be pre-loaded

If you have any questions about your speaking participation, please contact your session or track leader or moderator.


The objective of presentations is to educate, discuss and debate and not to sell products or services. Session moderator, track leader and Clasma Events have responsibility to ensure speakers adhere to this policy.

Publication & Rights

Clasma Events Inc. requires publication rights to accepted papers, including the publication of the audio proceedings as well as publication and reproduction rights to any video filmed during the presentations. These rights are non-exclusive.
Copyright ownership is retained by the author.

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Grid-Interop Template

The use of the Grid-Interop PowerPoint template below is mandatory. Download here.

Grid-Interop Paper Template

For speakers submiting a paper, it is mandatory that this paper template be used. Please download at this link.


SGIP (1) Template

Speakers on SGIP activities should use this template. Please download at this link.

SGIP 2.0 Template

Speakers involved with SGIP 2.0 activities and sessions should use this PowerPoint template. Download at this link.

Speaker Registration Policy

Speakers will need to register for the conference using our standard registration system.

Clasma has a policy to provide a fair registration for speakers to participate at this event.

  • Speakers are provided with discounted registration rates
  • Sponsor and Exhibitor speakers must use passes acquired as part of their sponsorship package or purchase passes at the speaker rate
  • Keynote Speakers are provided with a complimentary registration to the whole event.

Note: speaker passes are non-transferable.